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AscenTrust, LLC., an existing Texas corporation, in good standing, wholly owned by it's Founder and Senior Project Manager, was Incorporated in 2009 to act as a joint venture with an Australian Investor who was going to finance the prototype of the NTPBMR project. The Company now offers a broad range of Consulting in the Oil and gas industry, the Electrical Infrastructure industry, etc.

IDFS, INC. (International Diversified Financial Services, Inc.), an existing Texas corporation, in good standing, wholly owned by the Founder and CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER of AscenTrust, LLC., is the financial arm of the Matagorda Power Project. The first phase of the power Project consists of the construction of a 560MWe, combined cycle power plant. Building this facility will establish the Company as an Independent Power Producer (IPP).When IDFS has been registered with the Public Utility Commission of the State of Texas, we will proceed to the Second phase of Funding.

NITEX (Nitex International, LLC), an existing Texas Limited Liability Company filling Taxes as a C-corporation, in good standing, wholly owned by the Founder and Senior Project Manager of AscenTrust, LLC.. Nitex is being used as the Corporate vehicle for the refinery project in Louisiana which will be referred to in our documentatin as the Pelican Bay Refinery Project

Advanced Software Development, Inc. , was originally Incorporated in the State of Delaware in 2000. The Senior System and Software Developer was working on the implimentation of a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant Electronic Medical Records to be used in the rural medical clinics which we were designing and building for a local medical practitioner (In the Conroe area of Montgomery County, Texas). When the internet bubble burst we were left with nothing more than a working prototype which we had installed on a laptop running Windows XP. All of the software being developed by the Senior Project Manager of AscenTrust, LLC. or his strategic Partners is being developed under the DBA of Advanced Software Development, Inc. .